Diaware Co. is founded on the motto “find your balance” which can mean a lot of different things. Stemming from and related to type 1 diabetes, finding balance can resemble a stable blood sugar (hence the logo) and taking action on what’s best for our health. Related to the rest of our lives and people living without T1D, finding balance explores what it means to juggle career and life, hobbies, self care, and all the in-between. I want Diaware Co. to be a beacon of inspiration for our little niche community but also to the rest of the world to do what’s best for themselves in the moment. Something Type 1’s can be proud of and their support systems proud of repping just as hard. 

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in July of 2016 at the age of 22. It crippled me for an entire year until I found the wholesomeness of the Instagram community and created my account, @diawareness. Diaware Co. is the melting pot of all things I love in life: culture, art, individuality and inspiration. It's an extension of the outreach and community building I love so much on Instagram, while aiming to light a spark of introspective motivation towards people living under any and all circumstances. 

Thanks for being a part of my life. I hope my mission motivates you to live better, in whatever way that means to you, as much as I try everyday.